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The beautiful north Mallorcas

Mallorca Immo Sol S.L.
Passeo Maritim/C.Vivers
07579 Colonia de Sant Pere

Tel. 0034 - 97 15 89 644
Fax 0034 - 97 15 89 653

E-Mail: info[at]mallorca-immosol.com
Internet: www.mallorca-immosol.com

Mallorca Immo Sol S.L. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Palma de Mallorca Tomo 1491 - Folio 94 Libro 0 - Seccion 8 Hoja PM-27224 - Inscripcion 1o C.I.F.: B-07849409

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Terms and Conditions

Properties for sale
Conditions as per: 12.02.2002

Our website offer is based on information from the seller for which we do not assume any liability. (Please require the submission of all documents by the owner prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract)

All offers, releases and address data must be kept confidential. Disclosure to third parties is prohibited. If as a result of disclosure a contract for one of the proven objects is concluded we will require our lost commission from you. (We expect you to treat our information about our objects confidential.)

If you know a proven object you are committed  to inform us in writing immediately disclosing your information source.

If you are offered one of our objects by a third party our commission claim remains. (In order to avoid double payment of commission you should inform the following providers of your previous knowledge in writing and resign any brokerage services of this provider.)

Upon conclusion of a contract of one of the objects offered by us you are obliged to inform us immediately letting us know the conditions of contract.

With the conclusion of the notarial contract we have the right to claim our commission. It is due on the day the contract is concluded.

Commission: as specified for each object!

Holiday rental / Short term rental
Conditions as per: 18.10.2010


These terms and conditions are accepted when booking. They regulate the legal relationship between you as a customer and the landlord (homeowner). Mallorca Immosol (hereinafter referred to as MIS) acts solely on request of and on behalf of the individual property owner / manager of the offered rental properties, meaning that the contract is always between you and the respective landlord (homeowner). MIS does not owe any other services than those which are directed to the mediation of the rental agreement.

A booking always requires a written form / confirmation of the tenant. The booking of the tenant will be confirmed by MIS via email or fax and is binding. The booking is always completed on behalf of the landlord (homeowner)/administrator.